/ General House Wiring

Have a new house to wire? Renovating? We can do the whole package from wiring, heat pumps, and data cabling.

Electrical inspections

Worried about the safety of your home's wiring and electrics? We offer an electrical inspection if you have any doubts about your wiring. For a small cost you can get a written report detailing what we have found. We can also make recommendations for remedies, if necessary, giving you total peace of mind. 

Upgrade your switchboard

Want to upgrade your switchboard so it meets today’s current standard? Many people are surprised at how affordable it is to do. Outdated switchboards are dangerous and can reduce your homes value if you intend to sell.  


Old wiring is dangerous to you and your family. Homes that are 40+ years old do not have the wiring to handle today's electronics such as large refrigerators, Blu Ray TVs, and power packs charging the whole family's set of smartphones. We can inspect your homes wiring and rewire to make it safe for you. 

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